COMMISSION 2 : External Corrosion & Cathodic Protection

updated december 2020

President: Ricardo Gutiérrez – Spain
Vice-President: Leopold Lovsin – Slovenia
Secretary: Lars Vendelbo Nielsen-Denmark

Working Group D “Off POTENTIAL”

Convenor: Arnaud SMEETS – Belgium:

The work on the off-potential document was
A key discussion was the circumstance that an instant off-potential of a pipeline may not be confused with an IR-free potential as clearly stated in EN 13509. The goal of the document is the clear demonstration of the limitations of the currently used measurement techniques.

The convenor will integrate the last comments in the text and submit to the working group meeting.

Status: Finished


Convenor: Brian Wyatt –Great Britain:
is finished
A final document was issued by the working group and approved for publication by the Board during the meeting in Brussels Nov 2018.
Reference Electrodes for Monitoring of Cathodic Protection on Buried Pipelines R11 Approved November 2018.

Status: Finished

Working Group  F – “STRAY CURRENTS”

Convener: Gerald Haynes –

The working group has been stopped as an ISO document is covering the subject.

Status: Stopped

Working Group G -” CASINGS”

Convener:  Ricardo Gutiérrez

The WG continued working on the document.
The various possibilities with respect to filling of the annulus of between the casing the carrier pipe will be addressed. The corrosion of the casing itself will not be part of the document.

Ricardo Gutierrez will issue a questionnaire on the procedures applied by the members and the acceptability of the evaluation table. Review of the answers in next WG Meeting.

Status: to be finished not later than 2021


Convener: Markus Buechler –

This joint working group between EFC and CEOCOR addresses the problems associated working group will address the problems with the current standard and develop possible solutions.New criteria, the necessary data and
the related measurement techniques where proposed in the meeting.

Cathodic protection criteria for buried carbon steel structuresJoint EFC/CEOCOR Working group

Status: Almost finished

 WG J “CIPS – Overline Pipeline Surveys”

Convenor: Frances Bradfield (

Definition, scope and aim where discussed, work was distributed.
First results will be discussed in next WG Meeting.

Status: Ongoing

WG K “SCC – Stress Corrosion Cracking of pipelines”

chaired by Markus Buechler (

Status: Discussion commencing May 2021