COMMISSION 2 : External Corrosion & Cathodic Protection

Last update : December 2023

President: Ricardo Gutiérrez – Spain
Vice-President: Leopold Lovsin – Slovenia
Secretary: Lars Vendelbo Nielsen-Denmark

Working group G – “pipeline casing control and monitoring” with convenor Ricardo Gutiérrez (

The aim of this Working group is to prepare a document to describe fundamental recommendations and specifications to avoid corrosion of the cathodically protected carrier pipe inside the casings. The document will describe the methods to demonstrate that CP is effective.

This document is finished and approved by the board for publication on the Ceocor website for membership review before formal approval at the General Assembly Meeting in May 2024..

Working group J – “Overline Pipeline Survey” with convenor Neil Web (

Pipeline operators are required to inspect and survey their pipelines while continuing to run efficient, cost-effective pipelines. There are different types of overline inspections and tools to assess the pipeline integrity. Operators require guidance regarding the optimum survey technique and its specification to suit their particular conditions and requirements.

An outline of these issues was discussed during the last meeting to decide and inform the scope. The final content and scope will be discussed in the next meeting.

Working group K – “Overpolarization” with convenor Markus Buechler (

The goal of this Working Group is to clarify the contribution of CP with respect to over-polarisation, both in respect of effects on coatings and possible impacts on HISC. This topic is discussed in the context of the present understanding of the mechanisms associated with CP. Possible influencing parameters are being identified and described.

The whole document was reviewed during the meeting. Final version is expected to be ready for approval by the Board in November 2024.

Working group L – “Environmental Conditions” with convenor Sarah Leeds (

The extent to which steels corrode depends very much on their composition and surface condition, the corrosive medium and the local environmental conditions. Therefore, there are key Factors to consider in respect of the environment around buried This document will not cover pipelines in seawater or above ground (atmospheric exposed pipelines), the scope is limited to pipelines buried in soils.

The document was reviewed during the meeting. Additional chapters to be written, final version expected to be ready for approval by the Board in 2025.

Working group M – “CP in conjunction with External Coatings” with convenor Ashok Vimalanandan

The aim of this Working group M is to prepare a document that will provide a guideline of relevant CP (electrochemical) processes on intact and de adhered (disbonded) coatings. The detectability of different coating states by typical CP survey methods will also be discussed.

The Working Group discussed the parameters, the characteristics and the influencing factors on the quality of the different coating types. Discussion will continue in Leuven.

Working group N – “Internal linings for steel pipelines carrying raw or potable water” (New WG Commission 1 & 2)

Convenor: Neil Webb (

This working group is developing a guideline on the selection of lining type and thickness related to service life. This would provide asset owners and specifiers with a useful design tool applicable to both new works and rehabilitation / upgrading of existing infrastructure. The final content and scope will be discussed in the next meeting.