Reviews of C1


The Sector B field of activity covers the interaction between transported or stored water and metallic or cement based materials. Such interaction may lead to the deterioration of the materials themselves and/or deterioration in the qualities of the transported water. These two aspects fall within the Sector B area of activity.


Sector C was dealing with materials used for piping systems in the field of gas, potable and waste water.
Most of the experts are from the water sector and the greater part of the guidelines will deal with effect of the materials on water quality. Nevertheless, external coating or external corrosion concerns all the fluids.
Like for other sectors, the objectives of Sector C were :

to collect information about new technologies and new materials,
to exchange knowledge of the experts about laboratory and field experiences,
to monitor technological development,
to elaborate recommendations and guidelines.


Sector D dealt with corrosion and corrosion protection in waste water systems, comprising canalization, wastewater plants and sludge treatment.
The main topics were:

Analyze of the different types of degradation and their mechanisms
Indications for protective measures
Selection of materials and techniques for rehabilitation
Evaluation of operating conditions
The field of activities covered the behavior of metallic and non metallic materials (concrete, plastics, bricks …)