Until 1981, the CEOCOR worked as an association based on a rule accepted by all its members. However, in order to be able to intervene on the European level, the CEOCOR gave itself a legal status. Having become a European committee, it regroups representatives of organisms of water and gas distribution, involved industries, universities, research centers, etc… of 12 countries.
Its members are divided in 2 commissions and their aims are:

1° : Scientific

The study of all problems concerning corrosion and protection of either metallic or non-metallic buried, immerged or aerial pipes and mains, intended for conveyance and storage of different substances, in particular water and gas.
The publishing of the results of the scientific researches or of statistics.
The organization of colloquiums .

2° Standardization

The realization of an old technology in order to participate in the elaboration of draft standards and technical documents at the European level in collaboration with CEN, CENELEC, ECISS …