Working Groups of C1

Commission 1: Internal corrosion of pipe materials and facilities

President: Angelika Becker – Germany
Vice President: Peter Frenz – Germany
Secretary: Angelika Becker – Germany

For the future activities of Commission 1, it is proposed to launch new Working Groups at the next WG-Meeting in Copenhagen in May 2019.
Details (e.g. proposed topics) will be sent to interested parties ahead of the meeting.

Working Group A – “Asset Integrity management for water supply systems”

Convenor Angelika Becker ( & Marius Kobert (IWW Water Centre)

Definition of a “technical asset management strategy” for supply systems under consideration of “risk management” and “corrosion” in the water sector.
Influence factors of pipe materials and hygienic aspects for technical and economic rehabilitation strategies.

An IWW platform will be launched and a questionnaire will be distributed. The answers will be discussed during the next working group meeting.

Working Group B – “Coatings” in collaboration with Commission 2

Convenor : 
WG B deals with corrosion of materials and products used in drinking water equipment and in-house installations and their influence on water quality.
The objectives of WG B are:

  • to collect information about new technologies and new materials,
  • to exchange knowledge about laboratory and field experiences,
  • to monitor technological development,
  • to elaborate recommendations and guidelines.

Working Group C – “Corrosion behaviour of brass alloys”

Convenor:  Angelika Becker (

Angelika will prepare a document on reduction of lead, corrosion behaviour and hygienic consequences.