Message Markus Büchler

Ceocor Congress Bratislava 2023

Keynote Speaker: Professor Alison Davenport: ‘Shining Light on Localised Corrosion’

 Prof. Alison Davenport has been a leading researcher on passivity and the processes related to pitting corrosion for many years. She has lots to share with us on localized corrosion and the mechanisms of pitting.

The overall program covers relevant aspects related to AC as well as DC interference and mitigation strategies, coatings, shielding conditions, MIC and new integrity assessment technologies along with reports of real world field experience.

This technical and scientific program will be to the same high standards as we have established over many years. In addition, we will have the core of CEOCOR activities, our technical work groups developing technical reports and pre-standards.

This is our first live congress after three years of restraint due to covid. This will allow the crucial direct and open personal exchange in the technical Work Groups and open Congress, between established experts and young engineers, that sets CEOCOR apart.   

As usual the congress features a congress dinner and a cocktail party. There will be an accompanying persons program that have gained (good) legendary status at past events and I am sure that it will not be different this year.

 I am looking forward to meeting you all soon in Bratislava. Please remember to Register and Book into the Congress hotel, on the website, as soon as possible.

 Best regards

 Markus Büchler
President of CEOCOR