Lucerne 2012 Proceedings

Proceedings of papers presented at the annual meeting of CEOCOR
in Lucerne ( Switzerland) May 2012

2012-01 Rehabilitation of drinking water reservoires – materials and materials systems

by Peter FRENZ (DVGW Bonn, Germany)

2012_01_Full_Paper_FRENZ_Rehablitation of drinking water reservoirs

2012-02 Contribution to the understanding of the behavoir of various construction in lining materials in water tanks

by Brigitte SCHMIDT (eauservice Lausanne, Switzerland)


2012-03 Electrochemical treatment of cement based water storage tanks

by Arved KELM (Guldager AG, Füllinsdorf, Switzerland)
and Markus BÜCHLER (SGK Zürich, Switzerland)

2012_03_Full_Paper_BUECHLER_Electrochemical treatment

2012-04 The importance of water for the durability of concrete

by Nemath TENOUTASSE (ULB University of Brussels, Belgium)

2012_04_Full_Paper_TENOUTASSE_The importance of water

2012-05 Quality management of water reservoirs and transport pipes

by Jean-Pierre DEBLUTS (SWDE – Société Wallonne des Eaux Verviers, Belgium)


2012-06 Concrete erosion in waste water treatment plants

by Heinrich WIDMER (cemsuisse Bern, Switserland)


2012-07 Concrete Facts of corrosion for planning of long waste water transport channels

by Manfred LOHSE (University of Applied Sciences Münster, Germany)


2012-08 Galvanic corrosion in drinking water house installations

by Daniel BINDSCHEDLER (SGK Zürick, Switzerland)

2012_08_Full_Paper_BINDSCHEDLER_Corrosion in domestic inst

2012-09 EN 806-technical rules for domestic drinking water installations

by Thomas KLÜMPER (DVGW Bonn, Germany)


2012-10 Corrosion under disbonded coatings: Detection impossible?

by Lucio DI BIASE, Osvaldo FUMEI and Ranieri CIGNA

(ISPROMA, Italy)

2012_10_Full_Paper_DI_BIASE_Corrosion under disbonded coatings

2012-11 Coatings and cathodic disbondment – the true story

by Erik BROESDER (STOPAQ B.V., Stadskanaal, The Netherlands)

2012_11_Full_Paper_BROESDER_Coatings and cathodic disbondment

2012-12Fracture mechanical properties of polyolefins: Do the standards specify realistic areas of application?

by Hans-Jürgen KOCKS

(Salzgitter Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH, Siegen, Germany)


2012-13 Cathodic protection in rocky terrain

by Daniel OBERHÄNSLI (Suicorr AG, Dietikon, Switzerland)


2012-14Everything you always wanted to know about remote monitoring


(AUTOMA s.r.l., Monsano, Italy)


2012-15Possible temperature effects on a.c. corrosion and a.c. corrosion monitoring

by Lars NIELSEN (MetriCorr, Glostrup, Denmark)


2012-16D.C. current density control at steel coupons against a.c. corrosion risks

by Adrian GOMILA (Guldager Electrolisis S.a., Barcelona, Spain)


2012-17A.C. corrosion – Results of measurements on ER-coupons with a 16 bit-digital-oscilloscope

by Ulrich BETTE (TAW, Wuppertal, Germany)

2012_17_Full_Paper_BETTE_A.C. corrosion – Results of measurement

2012-18Getting control of d.c. interference

by Peter John STEHOUWER (Gasunie, Groningen, The Netherlands)


2012-19Effect of pulsed cathodic protection on the a.c. corrosion process

by Markus BÜCHLER (SGK, Zürich, Switzerland)

2012_19_Full_Paper_BUECHLER_Effect_of_variation_of CP level

2012-20Basic requirement for a optimal disinfection

by Wolfgang WERNER

(TZW Technology Centre Water, Karlsruhe, Germany)


2012-21Distribution of drinking water in the grand duchy of Luxembourg – The challenge to mix waters of different chemical and physical properties

by Tom LEVY (Société des Eaux du Sud, Koerich, Luxemburg)

2012_21_Full_Paper_LEVY_Water distribution Luxembourg

2012-22Optimisation of a drinking water corrosion inhibitor with special regard to electrochemical investigation in field studies

by Ute RUHRBERG (IWW Water Centre, Mülheim, Germany)


2012-23Corrosion of plastic pipes – the role of disinfectants

by Karin JACOBSON (SWEREA KIMAB AB, Stockholm, Sweden)

2012_23_Full_Paper_JACOBSON_Corrosion of plastic pipes

2012-24Long-term behaviour of piping systems affected by disinfecting actions

by Andreas SCHMIDT (tgm, Vienna, Austria)


2012-25Performance and sustainability of PVC-U pipelines for pressure and non-pressure applications

by Henk MEERMAN (DYKA, The Netherlands)

2012_25_Full_Paper_MEERMAN_Performance_and_Sustainability_of_PVC_U Pipelines

2012-26External coating of ductile iron pipes

by Gérard NOUAIL (SAINT-GOBAIN PAM, Pont-à-Mousson, France)

2012_26_Full_Paper_NOUAIL_External coating of ductile iron pipes

2012-27Ductile iron pipe system – the interaction between pipe and soil

by Steffen ERTELT (Duktus Rohrsysteme Wetzlar GmbH, Wetzlar, Germany)


2012-28Corrosion of cast iron pipes

by Vincent VOYAME (vonRoll hydro tld, Oensingen, Switzerland)


2012-29Quality assurance of stainless steel components by electrochemical tests

by Daniel BINDSCHEDLER (SGK, Zürich, Switzerland)


2012-30Electrochemical sensor for monitoring internal corrosion in cast iron water distribution pipes

by Ramon DUESO CANADAS (Cetaqua, Cornellà de Llobregat, Spain)


2012-31SmartBall – Inspection of water-, gas- and oil- pipelines

by Frank MÜLLER (Pure Technologies Ltd, Abu Dabi, United Arab Emirates)


2012-32Inspection of drinking water main pipe by Foucault current system

by Adrian RIEDER (Wasserversorgung Stadt Zürich, Switserland)

and W.KELB (Kontrolltechnik Ges. für Materialprüfung mbH, Schwarmstedt, Germany)

2012_32_Full_Paper_RIEDER_inspection water main

2012-33 In-line inspection opportunities for water and high pressure pipelines

by Robert ILLI (ROSEN Swiss AG, Stans, Switzerland)

2012_33_Full_Paper_ROSEN Water Pipeline Inspection

2012-34Inspection of water main pipes by TV-inspection

by Tom LEVY and Luc BERENS (Société des Eaux du Sud, Koerich, Luxemburg)

2012_34_Full_Paper_LEVY_Inspection of water main pipes by TV-inspection

2012-35Target grids and reliability and cost-oriented replacement of
gas and water grids

by Kurt RÜEGG (EWL, Luzern, Switzerland)

and Dirk KÖNIG (Rechenzentrum für Versorgungsnetze, Düsseldorf, Germany)

2012_35_Full_Paper_KOENIG_Target Grids and Reliability and Cost_final

2012-36Integrated planning of rehabilitation strategies for urban
infrastructure networks

by Manfred KLEIDORFER (University of Innsbruck, Austria)


2012-37 Calculation of corrosion factor for not pigging pipelines

by Thomas LAIER (RWE Gas AG, Dortmund, Germany) and

Markus RUHE(Thyssengas GmbH, Dortmund, Germany)


2012-38 GIS integrated analysis in gas networks

by David JOOS and Markus Büchler (SGK, Zürich, Switzerland)

and Mirko MEILE (IWB, Basel, Switzerland)

2012_38_Full_Paper_BUECHLER_GIS integrated analysis in gas networks