COMMISSION 2 – State of the Working Groups

COMMISSION 2 : External Corrosion & Cathodic Protection

President: Markus Büchler – Switzerland

Vice-President: Bernard Graux – – Belgium

Secretary: Maros Melis – Slovakia



Convener: Maros MELIS – Slovakia:

The current working paper was continued. The various issues regarding remote monitoring are discussed and the work on the document continued. The current activity is crucial in order to obtain a common understanding of requirements for remote monitoring. The goal is to prepare a Ceocor document that regulates the use of remote monitoring in Europe. The document is planned to form the basis of a European Standard.

Working Group B “COUPONS”

Convener: Lars NIELSEN – Denmark:

The final document was accepted by the working group to be published on the CEOCOR Website by December for inquiry. The final vote on the document will be during the meeting in Florence.
After that the document becomes an official Ceocor document.


Convener: Peter FRENZ – Germany:

The various requirements for cathodic protection companies were discussed. It was decided to create a CEOCOR document that describes the requirements for CP companies. This document will provide guidance in demonstrating the conformity of a company with the goal to improve the general quality of CP work.
The document prepared and circulated as a draft from this WG is to be revised.
There has been a misunderstanding concerning the interest to publish a EN-standard for the certification of CP-companies, thus imposing administrative and formal obligations to such companies.
In fact the scope and intention of this WG is to issue Guidelines to help owners or operators of gas, oil and water pipeline systems to qualify CP companies for services, also taking into account CEN and ISO applicable rules and Standards. The title of the document will be adapted. A foreword will be prepared where the meaning, the content and the scope of the document will be clarified. The text will consequently be up-dated and amended.

Working Group D “Off POTENTIAL”

Convener: Bernard Graux – Belgium: bernard.graux@Fluxys.Net

The work on the off-potential document was initiated. The discussion demonstrated the importance of a document that describes the general procedures for measuring and assessing the potential of the pipeline. The goal is to prepare a Ceocor document that describes the issues related to the use of potential measurements with respect to meeting the requirements of the standard EN 12954.