The main target of Commission A within the last 15 years was to work out a standardized technique based on scientific foundations for installation, operation and control of the cathodic protection equipment.
The intention was to increase the safety as well as the integrity of pipelines. In CEOCOR, the first step to reach this target was the elaboration of Practical Guidelines for Cathodic Protection published in French, German and Italian languages. On Mr. Ernest Reiters’ (honorary president of CEOCOR) initiative, the technical committee TC262 was formed in CEN (now TC219). Members of the CEOCOR formed standardization working groups and worked out the first CEN-standards dealing with the basics of cathodic protection and measurement techniques as well as CENELEC-standards about dc and ac stray currents.

In addition, our members also participate in the National Standard Committees

  • BSI- Great Britain
  • UNI- Italy
  • DIN-Germany
  • AFNOR-France
  • AENOA-Spain
  • BIN-Belgium
  • etc

as well as other national/international organizations dealing with corrosion and cathodic protection such as

  • APCE,
  • EFC
  • GERG
  • PIG

The technical expertise of Commission 2 is recognized by other professional organizations and our members have been requested to co-operate with them to provide corrosion control assistance. A recent collaboration is with CIGRE (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques),a permanent global organization dealing with the production and transport of electrical energy. In particular, this organization deals with the design, operation, maintenance of electrical equipment for high voltage power lines.

Some of the members are presently involved in the development of CENELEC Standards dealing with the Electromagnetic influence of Electricity Power Lines and ac Railway Lines (High Speed Trains) on buried pipelines.

Working groups