Commission 1  State of the Working Groups


COMMISSION 1 : Internal Corrosion & Water Systems

President: Max Hammerer – Austria

Vice-President: Dr. Josef Klinger – Germany

Secretary: Angelika Becker – Germany


Working group A – Strategy of planning and rehabilitation of pipeline systems

Convenor: Max Hammerer – Austria

Discussion and decision about splitting of the maintenance in distribution systems and transport pipelines. The inspection of transport pipelines in the water pipelines requires other practices and equipment than in distribution systems.
Definition of the risk- and asset- management of water- and gas- systems with focus in the water sector.
Keywords: Smart Ball for acoustic inside leak detection by an electronic ball during supply operation.
Intelligent inline inspection by ultrasonic pipe technology for definition of the wall thickness and deformation of the pipeline.
Discussion and definition of the risk and asset management for rehabilitation – and investment strategies for the water sector.

Reference: CEN/TC 164 Security of drinking water supply – guidelines for risk and crisis management, part 2: risk management.
Next steps: Establish an agenda to prepare a paper for risk management in transport pipelines (and in distribution networks)

  • - present situation
  • - data collection of inspection works
  • - experience of water utilities
  • - definition of the risks for water utilities
  • - influence factors as a result of damages
  • - definition of priorities for risk management

Working group B – Disinfection of drinking water and influence of the pipe materials

Convenors: Wolfgang Werner – Germany: 
Jean Baron -France:

Jean Baron is pleased to collect papers and documents about the negative solutions of disinfected water on pipes soon, so they can be discussed at the next meeting.
Main focuses of this WG are the public installations and service pipes on one hand and central or de-central (in-house) disinfection of the drinking water.

Working group C – Influencing of water quality by water reservoirs

Convenors:  Peter Frenz – Germany:
        Adrian Rieder – Switzerland:

The result of this working group is influenced by the activities of the guidelines of DVGW and SVGW. After finishing these national guidelines, the content and procedure for preparation and designing a CEOCOR paper will be discussed.

Working group D – Corrosion in waste water systems

 Convenors: Dieter Weismann – Germany
Daniel Bindschedler – Switzerland

Dieter Weismann gives a overview of the problems of corrosion in waste water systems (biogenic corrosion). The reason of this specific corrosion is the limited quantity and the aggressiveness of waste water in the pipes and installations. About these situations, there are chemical processes with
negative consequences of typical waste water odors and corrosion of the pipe materials and installations.
Pressure pipes in waste water systems without air ventilation have specific problems.
Dieter Weismann recommends to prepare a handbook for planning, operation and rehabilitation management in waste water systems with the focus on corrosion and avoiding odor development.