Rules for the activation of a new Working Group Every member of Ceocor can propose a new work item and may apply for its CONVENORSHIP. The following describes how a new Working Group can be activated:

Decision on a subject

  • Proposal from a member of CEOCOR
  • Decision by Commission 2
  • Assignment of the convenor
  • Appointed by the president of Commission 2

The duties of the convenor

  • To prepare a document content and an abstract for the website
  • To make sure that the document is produced within a given time horizon
  • To assign working packages to the working group members – with time limitation

Definition of the working group members

  • Member of CEOCOR
  • Member should volunteer with convenor
  • List of member will be kept by the convenor
  • Member has duties:
    • Work package can be put on his shoulders
    • He should participate in the working group meetings


  • To be held in spring and during the autumn days
  • Convenor may arrange additional meetings

Development of documents

  • Convenor should manage the drafts
  • Drafts for the working group – not on website
  • Final draft – approved by the working group – published on the private part of the website for evaluation by CEOCOR members.
  • The convenor presents the final draft for the commission to propose to the board of directors for approval
  • The Commission proposes the document for the board of directors to final approval.
  • Publication through CEOCOR.
  • Termination of the group.