Guideline for the Authors


The papers will be published in the proceedings of the Conference (Conference
A Review Committee will carefully study all papers submitted. However, they will
not act as “Editor”. It is the responsibility of the Author to keep to the standard
format (see below) and to ensure that the grammar, spelling and punctuation are
correct. The Review Committee may make suggestions for changes to ensure
compliance with the objective of the Technical Session at which the paper is to
be presented.
Commercial or advertising references in the paper are not permitted.


All texts, abstracts, papers and presentations shall be sent to the presidents of
the relevant commissions
– Commission 1 : Max Hammerer at
– Commission 2 : Markus Büchler at
with copy to the Secretariat of CEOCOR at
before the final dates as indicated in the call for papers.


To ensure that delays do not occur, the Author must obtain official company
authorization and release for publication when submitting the first Draft


Although CEOCOR recognizes 3 official languages (English, French and
German) texts, abstracts, papers and presentations shall be preferably in the
English language to allow for a as large as possible distribution and transmission
of the information throughout all countries.
Organizers of the annual Conferences may decide to install simultaneous
translation to different languages. This will be detailed in the brochures of the


Texts, abstracts and papers shall be in color PDF format.
Presentations shall be in color PPS/PPT.


Authors shall prepare an abstract of their paper in approximately 10 lines of text,
preferably in all 3 official languages of CEOCOR.
If necessary the Secretariat will help to translate between the 3 official languages
These abstracts in 3 languages will be published on the web site to inform the
interested participants about the subjects of the conference.
Abstracts in 3 languages should also be used as the introduction part of the


In order to ensure uniformity and to allow for inclusion in the Conference Book
without retyping, it is essential that all papers are prepared and typed in
accordance with the following guidelines.
The Conference Book will have the A5 format, so A4 prepared papers will be
reduced. Therefore, to keep readability as high as possible, do not use too small
6.1 Length
A typical paper will be 10 – 15 pages in length (including tables, diagrams and
photographs) with a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 20 pages.
6.2 Page Size & Electronic Format
The page size shall be A4 (297mm x 210mm).
A hard copy should be submitted together with an electronic copy on disc or CD.
Format shall be in Word or similar format.
6.3 Layout
All pages must be neatly typed in black ink, one side only, single space, 10 or 12
characters per inch at 12 dots per inch.
Letter Arial Typeface is preferred.
All pages shall have a 25mm margin on both sides and at the top and bottom.
6.4 Title Page
The title shall be centrally typed, in bold block letters, 100mm from the top of the
paper. Under the title, list the Author/s (the presenting Author first), followed by
qualifications, designations and Company name and address, alongside each
6.5 Numbering
Number each page of the hard copy on the bottom right of each page.
6.6 References
Number references in the order in which they appear in the text.
In-text references should be in normal size type, on the line, in square [ ]
6.7 Diagrams
Diagrams should preferably be in color for the presentations and for download
from the web site (Members only).
As the Conference Book will be printed in black and white, the different colored
curves in the diagrams should be coded (full line, dotted line, symbols at data


According to the program of the conference (see web site), speakers have 20 or
25 minutes of time, question time being after each presentation or after a block of
Speakers shall assure not to over-run the allowed speaking time.
Number of slides should therefore be between 25 and 30.
Slides shall be in powerpoint PPS/PPT format.
Slides must be clearly seen at normal viewing distances and readily scanned and
understood in less than one minute by the audience.
Use two or more slides if necessary.
Character size should not be smaller than 16.
Do not use more than 6-7 words per line, 7-8 lines per slide.
Use graphs, bar charts or curves because they are easier to follow.
Tabulated data should not show more than 4 columns and 10 rows per table.
The presentations will be projected using a personal computer and a beamer.
All presentations will per block be pre-assembled on a CD or memory stick.
Presentations have to be sent by e-mail to the president of the relevant
commission, with copy to the secretariat of CEOCOR.
It is recommended that the author brings the presentation also on CD or memory
stick with him to the conference.
Authors should not “read” the information on the slides but add value to the slides
by explaining.
Speak loudly, clearly and quite slowly to give translators and participants with
another mother language the opportunity to follow the presentation.
If simultaneous translation is provided, prepare a printed version of the slides for
the translators.
Do not forget that the paper is intended for readers and the presentation is
intended for listeners, so do not use the paper for presentation.


The conferences of CEOCOR are an ideal opportunity to meet experts and to
exchange newest information, research results and experiences in the field of
corrosion and corrosion protection.
Your paper, your presentation is the basis for making the conferences

Thank you for being an author on our conferences!
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