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In Memoriam Guglielmo VENIER  



The President, the Secretary-General and the Board of Directors of CEOCOR inform you with sadness of the death of GUGLIELMO “WILLY” VENIER last 18 September at the age of 77 years.
Professionally he was a chemical engineer and technical director at ACEGAS of Trieste, the company for distribution of water and gas in Trieste.
From 2003 to 2009 he was chairman of CEOCOR. We will remember him as a passionate promoter of CEOCOR, a skilled engineer and a warm friend.

Condolences to
Via Luigi Settembrini, 2/1

Le Président, le Secrétaire général et le Conseil d’administration du CEOCOR vous informent avec tristesse du décès de GUGLIELMO “WILLY” VENIER le 18 Septembre dernier à l’âge de 77 ans.
Professionnellement, il était ingénieur chimiste et directeur technique de ACEGAS de Trieste, société de distribution de l’eau et du gaz à Trieste.
De 2003 à 2009, il était président du CEOCOR. Tous ceux qui l’ont connu se souviendront de lui comme un promoteur passionné du CEOCOR, un ingénieur de qualité et un ami chaleureux.

Condoléances à
Via Luigi Settembrini, 2/1
34134 TRIESTE – Italie

Der Präsident, der Generalsekretär und der Verwaltungsrat des CEOCOR informieren Sie mit Trauer den Tod von GUGLIELMO “WILLY” VENIER am 18 September im Alter von 77 Jahren.
Von Beruf Chemieingenieur war er als Technischer Direktor der ACEGAS von TRIEST, Gesellschaft für den Vertrieb von Wasser und Gas in Triest tätig.
Von 2003 bis 2009 war er Vorsitzender des CEOCOR. Wir werden ihn als leidenschaftlicher Förderer des CEOCOR, als erfahrenen Ingenieur und guten Freund in Erinnerung behalten. Wir nehmen in größter Hochachtung Abschied und werden ihm stets ein ehrendes Gedenken bewahren.

Ihre Beileidbekundungen richten Sie bitte an
Via Luigi Settembrini, 01.02
34134 Triest – Italien


Ceocor International Congress and Exhibition 2015 Stockholm ( more information coming soon )


Founded in 1956, CEOCOR became an international scientific non-profit association in 1981. Most of the European countries are members of CEOCOR which brings together hundreds of specialists from:

  • universities and research centres
  • water, gas and oil distribution and transportation companies
  • waste water companies
  • pipe producers and manufacturers of coatings and equipment for cathodic protection systems

The international exchange of experiences and technical know-how ensure the objectivity and the independence of CEOCOR activities.



  • Provide the basis for scientific and technical guidance in the field of corrosion by studies, recommendations and publications
  • contribute to the formulation of European standards


  • topics examined by specialists in working groups
  • plenary meetings, twice a year, of the sectors and management bodies
  • annual congress hosted by one of the member countries



CEOCOR is structured into 2 commissions whose aims are :

Commission 1 deals with the interaction between transported or stored water and metallic or cement based materials. Such interaction may lead to the deterioration of the materials themselves and/or deterioration in the quality of the transported water.
The field of activities of Commission 1 covers the materials used in this environment, their corrosion behavior, corrosion mechanisms and their Corrosion behavior in the field, choice of materials and “non-electrical” protective measures.

 Commission 2 deals with external corrosion and cathodic protection against corrosion, mainly for water, oil and gas pipelines and relevant infrastructures; AC and DC stray currents and electrical interferences are in the field of competences of this Commission.
The field of activities of Commission 2 covers, among others, current influenced corrosion, cathodic protection, stray currents, AC-Corrosion