COMMISSION 2 : External Corrosion & Cathodic Protection

President: Markus Büchler – Switzerland

Vice-President:    Leopold Lovsin-

Secretary: Lars Vendelbo Nielsen-Denmark


Convenor: Maros MELIS – Slovakia:

The various issues regarding cathodic protection remote monitoring are being discussed and the work on the document still continues. The current activity is crucial in order to obtain a common understanding of different levels of CP remote monitoring. The goal is to prepare a Ceocor document that guides the use of CP remote monitoring in Europe.


Convenor: Peter FRENZ – Germany:

The present development in the transformation of EN 15257 to an ISO standard was discussed. They are relevant for the activity of ISO TC 156 WG10. During the evaluation of the ISO standard the activity of the Working Group will be focused on the elaboration of this document.

Working Group D “Off POTENTIAL”

Convenor: Arnaud SMEETS – Belgium:

The work on the off-potential document was continued. The discussion demonstrated the importance of a document that describes the few general procedures for measuring the potential of the pipeline.

A key discussion was the circumstance that an instant off-potential of a pipeline may not be confused with an IR-free potential as clearly stated in EN 13509. The goal of the document is the clear demonstration of the limitations of the currently used measurement techniques


Convenor: Brian Wyatt –Great Britain:

The work was initiated due to importance of stable and durable reference electrodes. They are key for both working group A and D. The goal is to collect data on the behaviour and stability of the permanent reference electrodes, elaborate procedures for testing and develop a pre-Standard for reference electrodes.
Various aspects of the use of reference electrodes were discussed. Additionally to the aspects of reliability of the potential readings methods for testing the actual potential value shall be addressed. A near final draft should soon be available

Working Group G -” CASINGS”

Convener: Ricardo Gutierrez –
The various possibilities with respect to filling of the annulus of between the casing the carrier pipe will be addressed. The corrosion of the casing itself will not be part of the considered in the document.


This joint working group between EFC and CEOCOR addresses the problems associated working group will address the problems with the current standard and develop possible solutions.

Convener: Markus Buechler –

Working Group  F – “STRAY CURRENTS”

Convener: Gerald Haynes –

The working group is currently dormant since first an agreement on the cathodic protection criteria is required.