Abstracts to be presented at Congress 2017 in Luxembourg

State of February 7 , 2017 ( to be completed)

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FONTAINE-FLEURY2017_Abstract_FONTAINE_FLEURY_Permanent reference electrodes
CORNELISSEN2017_Abstract_CORNELISSEN_Reduction of pipe stress in the SES after the installation of a Real Time Control
COSTER2017_Abstract_COSTER_Empirical potential-dependent corrosion rate
KAJIYAMA2017_Abstract_KAJIYAMA_Risk assessment of fluctuating stray current interference
HOGBERG2017_Abstract_HOGBERG_Incomplete cathodic protection of water pipelines in soil
RIEDER2017_Abstract_RIEDER_Safe Water networks
WEBB2017_Abstract_WEBB_Limitations in polarised potentials
LOEFFLER-SCHAD2017_Abstract_LOEFFLER-SCHAD_New field-applied anti-corrosion system for pipelines with moist surfaces
DI BIASE2017_Abstract_DIBIASE_Specialised surveys-an exceptional tool for pipeline integrity
KOSEC LEBAN2017_Abstract_KOSEC-LEBAN_Characterization of corrosion behaviour of brasses in sintetic water
BEATE2017_Abstract_BAETE_Corrosion Kinetics behind piupeline IR-free potentials
BROESDER2017_Abstract_BROESDER_Coatings and Cathodic Disbondment - the story revisited
BUECHLER COLLET ANGST2017_Abstract_BUECHLER-COLLET-ANGST_The effect of coating defect distribution
JOOS2017_Abstract_JOOS_Cathodic protection criteria in literature
JUNKER NIELSEN2017_Abstract_JUNKER-NIELSEN_Monitoring of pH evolution at cathodically protected steel surface under AC interference
MAGNIFICO BRUNI2017_Abstract_MAGNIFICO-BRUNI_Instant OFF measurements on cupon. An analysis of the relationship among On potential, Off potential
PERRARDPolymeric mesh backed Polyguard RD-6
RIEDER2017_Abstract_RIEDER_Safe Water networks
ROD CLAESSON2017_Abstract_ROD-CLAESSON_The effect of alloying elements on the corrosion resistance of brass
 NIKOLOAS KIOUPIS 2017_Abstract_KIOUPIS_AC Interference Study on DESFA Natural Gas Pipeline due to the operation of a 20.( MW Wind Park